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5 Ways to Steer Clear of Personal Loan Scams

Personal loans are one of the great ways of generating cash for any type of expenditures. Personal loans do not require the proceeds to be spent on a specific type of expenditures. Unlike mortgage or auto loans, a personal loan can be used with any type of expenditures within the borrower’s discretion. Because of the increasing demand on personal loans, it has become one of the most lucrative businesses that seemed to have branched out from banks.

There are now a large number of financial institutions that are not operating as a bank that offers personal loans. These are the institutions a borrower must be careful with. Unfortunately, there are still those who operate a financial institution without the intention of helping but aim to scam clients instead. Here are 5 ways that you can do to steer clear of personal loan scams.

Make sure you are transacting with a legit financial institution. 

Business is required to show their permits to operate a business. You will need to make sure that your money lender singapore has the necessary business permits that allow them to transact as a financial institution.

Avoid transacting with “representatives” or “agents” outside the office.

Always make sure that you at least meet your agent or representative in the office. This will give you an idea and allow you to confirm that the agent is indeed connected with the financial institution.

Make sure you confirm the legitimacy of online transactions.

With the technology advancing and branching out to almost every industry, transacting online is becoming more inevitable through the days. It is not bad and should be completely avoided. What you need is to make sure that your online transactions are valid.

Make sure the financial institution has an office location.

In connection with having your transactions online, knowing their office location will allow you a place you can visit in times of problems with your online transaction.

Read reviews and research about the financial institution.

It is very important that you identify the legitimacy of the financial institution or agents you are transacting with. Researching about them will definitely eliminate the risk of getting into a scam.

Personal loans are great ways to increase or generate the cash you may need. It is also the best type of loan that will allow you flexibility and diversity in spending the proceeds. These tips can help you avoid scams and maximizing the benefit of getting a personal loan.

When Not To Get Cash Loan

At some point in your career, you may start to feel like you need to step up. Sometimes, the best way to do it is to enroll in a new degree or pursue higher education. However, you may be restricted by your current financial responsibilities and paying your tuition may be out of the question. With a personal loan, you can pay your tuition upfront and only worry about your education—and your debt repayment, of course. However, only get a salary loan for your graduate school dreams if pursuing it can give you a career boost, which will mean that the personal loan is a good debt.

A personal loan is a gift that comes with side effects. Sure, getting a cash loan can help you in various financial ways possible, but if you don’t do it right, you just might find yourself in debt for nothing. Here are some cases when it is best not to get a loan.

For feeding your materialistic soul. Eyeing that 60-inch TV to put in your bedroom for some Netflix and chill? Wanting to upgrade to a higher-end phone (which is basically the same except for specs you don’t really care about)?

Forget the loan and just earn it.

For satisfying your wanderlust. Traveling is indeed an important experience everyone should try at least once. But going in debt just to splurge on overseas spending? That’s one experience you should never want to have. Again, earn it.

For emergency cases. Personal cash loans go through a tedious and lengthy approval phase, which isn’t really ideal for urgent emergency cases. It’s important to retain a calm and rational mind as to not make any rash decisions of borrowing money.

For home renovations or construction. In renovation or contacting air conditioning contractors to fix your home’s HVAC service, you will also need to have financial plan therefore you need to have at least a contractor loans or a fast cash loan Philippines for the family. It is also very important that you will also have home equity, but if you only live in your house not so long, you will be having a hard time to get the approval of your renovation.

For the savvy car. If you decide to get a salary loan for a car, you must be aware of the high-interest rates. If you will sum up the total amount of interest you have paid or will about to pay, it is equal to a big proportion of the vehicle’s actual purchase value. In actuality, car loans make you a renter. You are just renting the car at a specific period and once you have completed the payments, the ownership is transferred to you. If you cannot fulfill monthly repayments, there is a risk of the car being repossessed by the bank.

So How Do You Exactly Find the Best Car Loans in Singapore?

There are some things to get done before you can have the car you have always wanted. Choose a good car, get the right price, and find a great auto loan. Before you shop for a car, it is better to shop first for an auto loan. Here are some tips towards a great auto loan in Singapore.

Tip #1: Check your credit rating

Your loan approval greatly depends on your credit rating. Singapore gives lenders and borrowers the right to see the credit reports and evaluate the standing.

Make your credit score look good by paying your existing loans on time.

Tip #2: Know your limit

Even before looking for a car, know how much can you really spend. Consider that you need to give a down payment.

If you already found an auto loan, ask a money lender singapore how much can you ultimately put a limit in a car considering your income and monthly repayments.

If you look for a car first, you might like a car that you unknowingly can’t afford and some good salesmen will make it look that you can. Beware or you might end up putting much of your salary on your auto loan.

Tip #3: See the fine print

Make sure that the auto loan you have chosen does not have terms that might make it more costly. Real even the finer details and understand all the terms. Make sure that you can follow the repayment schedule.

Tip #4: Think about insurance

Get a life and disability insurance. Some legal money lender singapore worry that something might happen to their borrowers, having an insurance helps you land a great auto loan. While it is not considered a requirement, it can help your loan get approved.

Tip #5: Shop more

Do not settle yet on an auto loan. It is better to shop around and see which one fits your needs. Banks, credit unions, and private moneylenders offer an auto loan, but banks usually require a lot of paperwork while moneylenders can assess your loans online and just have a few requirements.

Tip #6: Find a flexible loan

The truth is there could be a time when you might have a hard time paying for the monthly loan repayment. Look for a car loan that has flexible terms and do not hesitate to talk to your lender if a problem arises.

Best Trading Options for Your Personal Loan

Modern trading is a good method to grow your finances. There are hundreds of options that can help you get started. However, like any other things, you need to have to start money. A personal loan can jumpstart your path in trading. Many lenders are offering competitive personal loans to choose from, and their application processes often vary.

Once you’ve been approved for a personal loan Philippines, these trading options can help you start.


Stocks are traditional investments that will let you own a few shares in a company that has gone public. Depending on a company’s progress, profit reports, and stability, the price of each stock may be low or high. Stocks are popular because you have the choice to sell out and make profits every day.

Alternatively, you can push for dividends, thus gaining profits within a period of time. Starting a stock portfolio is relatively easy and all transactions will be handled by your broker.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a contender for stocks. Unlike stocks, mutual funds have lower risks and you can invest in numerous choices. This process is known as diversification. Colloquially, you are putting your eggs in different baskets. If one investment goes down the drain, another can help you recoup the lost funds. If all of your investments bloomed, then you’ll gain profits.


Every commodity on Earth has a certain value. Wood, for example, can be processed into furniture and other crafts. It’s also a useful resource, thus making it a valuable commodity. You can invest in any commodity – the manner is almost the same as stocks. Commodities are volatile but the risks can be managed.

Do these paper assets appeal to your financial diversity plan? Understand the risks involved and always remember to play the long game. Also, it’s imperative that you always remind yourself about your outstanding bdo personal loan.

3 Situations You Must Avoid if You Have Mortgage

Being under a mortgage loan agreement is not easy. It’s considered a major life phase since you can acquire your dream home with the backing of a lender. While you only need to pay about one-fourth of the home’s spot value, the repayment term can drag on for years. This can be pressured, especially if you have to balance many responsibilities.

It’s not news that some homeowners are getting kicked out of their homes due to missed payments. If you want to reap the full benefits of your mortgage loan, you need to be smart enough to avoid some major life situations.

General Bankruptcy

Once you filed for bankruptcy and you’re still under a mortgage, then you’re in a dire situation. It may be difficult to climb back up, but possible. Many people have done it. To get up from this predicament, you need to reexamine your life. Note down the mistakes which led you to general bankruptcy. Seek all possible solutions and the support of your friends and family. It’s okay to be sad, but don’t wallow in depression for too long. Set down your goals, day by day. Along the road, you’ll be struck with fear and doubt. Just carry on – you’ve been trampled anyway. If you end up successful, then you’ll have a second shot at finishing your mortgage.

Legal Infarctions with Your Spouse                                                    

Your spouse will help you get through all life situations unless you encountered legal troubles such as divorce. If this happens, then you’ve booked a ticket for a long-term stress cruise. Whether you deny it or not, legal infarctions can cause a dent in your wellbeing. Combine this with your mortgage obligation and you’ll be on a losing ground. As much as possible, you must resolve all disputes with your wife. Don’t drag the situation to the court. Focus on your family’s future rather than emotionally-scarring outbursts.

Wrong Health Decisions

Health and lifestyle decisions can affect your financial stability. If you’re unhealthy, you might get sick. Medical bills will go up and your mortgage loan can even make things worse. While it’s almost impossible to get rid of your unhealthy choices in a snap, you can take careful steps every day. You should start with the foods you’re eating and your daily exercise regimen. Once all of your health decisions have improved, you’ll soon have a better life ahead. In that way, your mortgage will just be a backdrop that won’t bother you.

It will take more than 10 years to fully repay your loan. One wrong move, such as payment delay, can lead to home foreclosure. Within the longer repayment period, you must improve the odds of your life. Secure hedges in case of emergencies, and always stay a few steps ahead of life situations. Many mortgage borrowers have succeeded – you can do the same!


Traditional Savings Account VS Money Market Account

Today it seems that more and more people are taking more responsibility for their finances. One of the big changes we see is that many people are getting clear of debt and are trying to save more. One way they are saving more is to open a money market savings account.

But what is a money market savings account and how does it differ from a regular savings account or certificates of deposit? Well, for one thing, a money market account is a form of savings that is not nearly as safe and secure as a traditional savings account. With a traditional savings account, your money is insured by the federal government up to a certain limit. You know it is safe. But it won’t earn you much in the way of interest.

A money market is when the bank takes the money you have deposited and invests it in the stock market. As you can imagine, there is the possibility that you can earn a lot more than you would with a traditional savings account, but there is also the very real risk that you can lose your money if the stocks that your money is invested in takes a dive.

Another big difference between a traditional savings account and a money market account is the amount you will need for your opening balance. A most savings account can be opened for around $100, but a money market will need a thousand dollars or more to open the account. This might be another possible reason why a money market account is not a popular personal choice.

A money market can be pretty liquid. Most banks will allow you around 5 or 6 withdrawals per month. Of course, the number of withdrawals you are allowed monthly will vary from one financial institution to another. That is yet one more thing you will need to compare from one bank or credit union to another. With a money market account, you are also allowed to write checks on the account. Though the number of checks you can write monthly is limited.

You will also be likely to get an ATM card with your money market. This makes it easier to get your money when you need it. Check with your bank to be sure, but generally, any ATM transactions will be counted in your total number of allowed withdrawals.

Money markets will also require you to maintain a minimum balance. If your account ever gets below that amount you will be assessed a fee. Make sure you inquire as to what the minimum balance needs to be as well as what the fee will be if you fall below that point.

A money market savings account does have a lot of advantages, but it comes with risks too. Make sure you ask questions so that you fully understand this type of savings option.

What is Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis is a process in which a lender goes through a process of review prior to granting a loan.

A loan application needs to undergo a process to ensure a money lender’s collectability over the borrowed money. The results derived from a credit analysis gives the borrower more credibility to be granted a loan and that the risk of the collection will be probable. Credit Analysis is a much specific process that is applied to Risk Management. It has basically two major categories which are Financial Credit Analysis and Non-Financial Credit Analysis.

Financial Credit Analysis

This area of credit analysis involves the review of a borrower’s financial statements if it is an organization or an asset and income for individuals. It is focused on the monetary value a borrower may allow the lender to have a quantitative basis of granting the borrower a loan. Review of these financials will enable the lender to see how stable the source of income or earnings is for the borrower.

It also provides a security for the lender to be able to collect from the borrower’s asset when sold if the borrower loses the source from which it is earning income from.

Non-Financial Credit Analysis

Not everything is granted with having enough monetary value alone. The area of going through a credit analysis on a non-financial aspect is also important. For working individuals, it is often reviewed that operations will not cease during the quick cash loan period.

This ensures that the salary loan will be paid as it is presumed that income will be sufficient based on a financial credit review. The character is taken into consideration when a non-financial credit analysis is made. An individual who may be liquid and financially capable of paying may still be rejected if there is a bad payment history.

Oftentimes, the non-financial credit analysis done on character and other conditions that may affect the loan is given more bearing since the lender’s intention is to be able to collect with fewer efforts. An individual or company who has a good character background will often find ways and work with the lender when they become illiquid or insolvent.

Advantages of Applying for a Car Loan

A bpi car loan is a nifty determinant of an improving life status. On the other hand, it can also represent a serious problem if left unmanaged.

Over the past years, lenders have come up of different auto loan programs with hundreds of variations and pricing terms. Nowadays, the ease of getting a sg car loan is magnified by most lenders’ appearance in social media.

Are you planning to have your own car as soon as possible? In that case, applying for a bdo car loan can give you numerous advantages.

Loan Amount and Car Variations

Lenders offer many car variations parallel with the full amount that you have to pay. This gives you a better standpoint and a healthy supply of choices. Some personal loan agreements may stretch for longer months, allowing greater flexibility of payment. Others will give you the option to get the hottest cars on the market, but the payment term is shorter. Feel free to choose the term which works best for you.

Loan Privileges

Aside from the loan itself, you can also gain additional privileges. Most privileges are product tie-ins or better credibility status with the lender. Banks are known for their host of privileges, so they can be relied upon whenever you need an auto loan. Visiting money lender singapore websites will give you a limited scope of the perks and privileges that you can get.

Cars from Loans Have Stable Market Values

More often than not, cars tied in with bank loans are tagged with stable market values. The value may not be higher than standard market releases, but they are competitive enough. You just need to remember that cars depreciate in value fast, so you should plan ahead.

Once your auto loan application has been approved, you should start planning for repayment. If you do it right, you can finish the loan on time without penalty fees and stress.

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